Do You Need Coverage?

You should attempt to secure coverage from a standard insurance carrier. However, if you need coverage, DO NOT WAIT until the last week to finalize your coverage. Even if you secure a quotation from the Association, you have until the first day of coverage to get a notice to us to cancel the coverage flat and receive a full refund of your premium. Your quote letter will tell you the terms of cancellation after that date.

If you are notified by your current carrier that your coverage will not be renewed, you should immediately begin to try to find coverage elsewhere. If your expiring coverage is on a claims-made basis, you also should request a tail quote within the time period allowed by your expiring carrier. You will only have a specified length of time to purchase the tail. This information should be included in your non-renewal notice or tail quote. It is critical that you not miss the time period to purchase a tail from your expiring carrier.

You should:

  • Continue to look for coverage elsewhere while you are securing a quotation from the Association.
  • Obtain documentation of prior claim history - Immediately gather information on your prior carriers for the past 8 years. Contact them to request policy history or claim history reports. If you were employed by a hospital or other institution, you may need to contact the institution for whom you worked. If you cannot get the information directly from the prior insurance carrier, the institution can provide you with a statement regarding you claim history. We need to know the date of the alleged incident, when the claim was made, a description of the alleged incident and current status or amount paid on your behalf. Your agent or broker can assist you in this process.
  • Obtain a claim history from Mcare:

Here are the procedures for an insured health care provider to request loss runs from the Mcare Fund:

  • Request must be in writing and signed by the insured health care provider.
  • Must include health care provider's name and PA license number.
  • Include address of where loss runs are to be sent.

Requests are to be sent to Mcare by U.S. Mail, fax or email:
Mailing Address (for USPS first class mail):
Claims Administration Division
P.O. Box 12030
Harrisburg, PA 17108-2030
Fax: (717) 787-0651
There is no fee involved for requesting the Mcare loss runs. If you have any questions regarding Mcare loss runs you may call Barbara Jones at (717) 783-3770 ext. 287.